Letter to Patricia McCormick

Dear Patricia McCormick,

I recently read your novel ‘Never Fall Down’ and have really enjoyed the book. I really transforms my view on war as I can finally see war from the perspective of someone living and experiencing it. The way you put the reader in the shoes of Arn and let us feel every emotion he is feeling lets us really understand the horror’s of the war. I think that is what makes this novel so inspiring.

This novel has really inspired me to be like Arn. The book allows us to follow Arn and experience every decision he has had to make. As hard as it may be for Arn, he always tries his hardest and makes the decision that is most important for him. His dedication and compassion for others has really driven me to stick to my goal and never lose hope as Arn was living on just hope through the whole war.

Some questions i have is how you met Arn and came up of the idea to write a novel solely based on him? Do you feel like you captured the moments well and is there anything you would change? Would you ever consider doing another novel on another war survivor?

Thank you so much for reading my letter to you. Your novel has really inspired me to never give up and be the best that I can. Something I learnt from Arn whilst reading the book is that being compassionate a caring for other people will only do good in your own life.




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