Shatter Me- Tahere Mafi

Shatter Me is a novel written by Tahere Mafi. It is about a girl who realized she had something different from the normal human being. She had a disease that could severely hurt or even kill anyone she comes in contact with, so in result of that, she was locked up in a mental hospital as if she was a monster. Juliette did not understand how her perfect life could be destroyed by something she could not control. It made others scared of her and she was evenly scared of herself.

Minutes felt like hours in the mental hospital. The food she was fed was barely considered edible and she lived her days in the hospital isolated from everything she could hurt. Juliette thought nothing of her life anymore. Why didn’t they just kill her instead of making her live as miserable as she is? One day, the door to her room was slammed open and a boy was shoved into her room. This was the first human Juliette has seen in over 200 days. The tension between the two of them was very strong. They did not talk. Juliette was scared sick about this human living in her room, not only because he was thrown in without consent or notice, but because she had the power to kill him with one touch. She didn’t want to kill the company she has been craving for.

Juliette accidentally touched Adam whilst passing him in their small prison like room and she was confused at why He did not feel a torturing pain, in fact, he did not feel anything. From this point onwards, Juliette and Adam became more than just friends and enjoyed every moment they spent with each other until a tragedy hits and they have to try to survive together.

I really enjoyed reading this book as I really felt I emotionally understood how Juliette stayed strong through the tough times and how she felt around Adam. I think the writer used effective language to describe the characters and what they were experiencing. I enjoyed witnessing the growth of each character throughout the book. For example, Adam started off a ‘Bad Boy’ and throughout the book, you slowly see how he changes when he gets comfortable and starts adapting feelings for Juliette. I recommend anyone who wants to be transported to another world to read this novel.



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