Never Fall Down-Patricia McCormick

The novel ‘Never Fall Down’ by Patricia McCormick is a very inspiring and powerful book. The book is about a boy, Arn, who lived through the Khmer Rouge. The book starts of with Arn’s joyful life in Cambodia with his siblings and parents. The novel takes you through the ups and downs of Arn’s life. Arn and the rest of Cambodia get forced to walk for days to get to the country side where they were promised that they only had to stay for three days. Three days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Arn was separated from the rest of his family and was forced to love ‘Angka’. Arn watched his friends get killed as he kept persevering to live. He always took his life day by day, because each day he lives, the closer he is to getting to see his family. Arn makes close relationships and is slowly liked more and more by the Khmer Rouge as the story goes on. I feel like the novel is very powerful as you and Arn both learn what you have to do to stay alive. I feel like you can really grow as a person whilst Arn grows as one. You get very attached to the story because you follow him through his up’s and down’s and his story feels like your story. I recommend anyone to read this novel because it really inspired me to never give up and keep believing because things will look up in the end.


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