The Scarlet Ibis-James Hurst


The Scarlet Ibis is about a boy named Doodle who is born mentally and physically challenged. Doodle was a disappointment to the family. His brother has always dreamed about having a brother who could be normal and play ball with him but obviously doodle wasn’t the one to do that with him. The brother decided to teach doodle to be normal for the sake of him fitting in. Doodle slowly came closer and closer to where the brother wanted him to be, normal. Doodle started by crawling then moved on to walking, then to running. It was and emotional moment for the family and would have to be the climax of the story.

The Scarlet Ibis represents Doodle because much like Doodle, the Scarlet Ibis did not fit in, was unique and wanted a place where it could be safe and loved. When the family saw the Scarlet Ibis die in their back yard, it was in a twisted position with a crooked neck and blood dripping from its mouth. When Doodle died, he was in that same position that the Scarlet Ibis died in.

The deeper meaning of the story was “You should’t try to impose your expectations on someone else”. I think this is the deeper meaning because the brother only helped Doodle because he wanted to fit in and not be known for being Doodles brother. The brother set an agenda for himself but executed it through Doodle.



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