If I Stay


I’ve just finished reading ‘If I Stay’ written by Gayle Forman. The book starts off really casual and normal. They decide to go on a trip to visit relatives because school got cancelled. The family got into a car crash and Mia was the only one with the choice to stay alive or not. Throughout the story, Mia has memories and thoughts that either make her want to stay or want to die. I love how you can’t tell whether she is going to stay or leave because she does not favor either. I am really enjoying this book because of how it has been laid out. One Chapter is about her in the moment ( In hospital), the next chapter is a memory that she has had. I feel like there are chapters about her past when she was not in hospital and enjoying life because it shows that she is contemplating her choice of whether to stay or die. There are situations where she does feels like she would be able to live without. For example, Mia’s family all died in a car crash and she does not feel like she could move on without them and waking up to being an orphan. 


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